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Tricky Words

Today in class one the children have been looking at some tricky words. The children worked in different areas to write and remember these different tricky words. They practiced “all, are and they”

Letter Formation.

Class 1 are making sure they practise forming all graphemes correctly. Today we learned about the phoneme ‘or’ and used shaving foam to practise writing the graphemes ‘o’ and ‘r’ and to make sure we join these letters properly. How many words can you write which have the phoneme’s’ in them?

Sorting ‘oa’ Words.

As part of our phonics learning we read then sorted words with the digraph ‘oa’ into sets of real words or nonsense words. How many words can you list which have the ‘oa’ digraph?


Learning Digraphs…

We are learning to put sound buttons under digraphs. How many digraphs can you think of?

Capital Letters.

Today we used chalk and alphabet strips to write capital letters. We made sure we started each letter in the correct place.

How Do You Write Graphemes?

Every day we learn different phonemes and how to write graphemes to represent each phoneme. Today some of us were thinking about the graphemes ‘m’. Where should we start writing letter ‘m’?