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P.E. With Our Sports Coaches.

Today, we went outdoors and had P.E. with our sports coaches. We played some team games and practised running, throwing and catching and balancing. It was great fun and we worked very hard to complete our learning.

What physical exercise have you done this week?


Climbing Frame.

Today we have challenged ourselves on the climbing frame, remembering to keep safe and to bend our knees when we land. What would you do to challenge yourself?

Number lines

Today we learned to use a number line to ‘add 1 more’. We looked at the order of numbers and learned that we had to jump forwards 1 jump when adding 1 more.

Can you add 1 more to a given number?

Sponsored Fun Run

Today class 1 participated in a sponsored fun run to raise money for Operation Christmas Child. We all did very well. How much have you raised for Operation Christmas child through our sponsored run?

Learning About the Grapheme ‘e’

Today we learned to write the grapheme ‘e’. We had to think carefully where to start the grapheme as we wrote it. Then we said the phoneme.

How many words can you think of which begin with ‘e’?



We are learning to write our name. We have practised scribing each grapheme and have begun to learn to use our new name cards. We have written our name using chalks, paint and water, coloured pens, pencils and crayons. We have also used gloop! Can you write your name yet?


Learning To use Mobilo.

This week we are learning to use equipment in our new class. Today we used mobilo, fixing pieces together and making our own models. Then we explored using work cards where we matched pieces and made a model. It was great fun and we were very proud of our models. Can you think of other equipment we could learn to use to make models?


Thinking Carefully…

Today we used the peg boards to create pictures. We had to really concentrate when picking the small pegs up and placing them in holes in the peg board. Then we counted pegs and talked about different colour pegs we had used.


This week, we have throughly enjoyed our independent learning. We have been building lots of structures using different materials and different sized blocks. We have also enjoyed creating lots of pictures as well as Ramping up our Resilience using the physical equipment and bikes.

We would like to wish everyone a very SAFE and HAPPY summer holiday and we are already excited to see you back to school on Monday 4th September and to hear about all of the wonderful things that you have been up to.


Today we have all been working very hard helping to tidy up our outdoor area. We have been very independent and using the broom and the dustpan and brush to sweep up around the playground and along the ramp, we really enjoyed it! We have also been helping to move the leaves that have started to grow across into our ramp. We even came across something in our garden that smelt lovely, Lavender!

What else could you smell or see in the garden?