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Ball Play….

Today we have been experimenting with the balls in our outdoor area. We have been able to roll them, bounce them, throw them and catch them. What outdoor equipment do you like learning with?

Sport Outdoors….

Today we have been enjoying more sport outdoors, we have been learning new social distancing games to keep up safe and happy. What game have you enjoyed playing outdoors today?

Building Houses….

Today we were challenged to build houses just like the one from Goldilocks and the Three Bears using different equipment. Some children chose to build their house using the plastic bricks. What equipment could you build a house out of?

Fun on the sun….

Today during PE the sun came out and we were able to play our favourite game, shadow tag. When the sun comes out we are able to see our shadows on the ground and we have to try and catch each other’s shadows. What is your favourite game to play in the sun?


Target Practice….

Today during our PE time we were practicing our underarm throws to try and get our ball into a target. At first we found it a bit difficult but we persevered and kept practicing and soon we were able to … Continue reading

Using our imagination….

We have been doing lots of construction this week using different construction materials including Mobilo. What have you constructed this week?

P.E. With Our Sports Coaches.

Today, we went outdoors and had P.E. with our sports coaches. We played some team games and practised running, throwing and catching and balancing. It was great fun and we worked very hard to complete our learning.

What physical exercise have you done this week?


Climbing Frame.

Today we have challenged ourselves on the climbing frame, remembering to keep safe and to bend our knees when we land. What would you do to challenge yourself?

Number lines

Today we learned to use a number line to ‘add 1 more’. We looked at the order of numbers and learned that we had to jump forwards 1 jump when adding 1 more.

Can you add 1 more to a given number?

Sponsored Fun Run

Today class 1 participated in a sponsored fun run to raise money for Operation Christmas Child. We all did very well. How much have you raised for Operation Christmas child through our sponsored run?