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Today we have been learning how to sort out different objects into groups. We used compare bears and seeds, that we had to move with tweezers! We were even able to use the seeds to scribe our name!

What other objects could we sort into groups?

Sports Day!

This morning, we have all been taking part in Sports Day! We had to do lots of different races; running, skipping, bean bag and hula hoop races! We loved seeing our parents and carers out on the field cheering us on and watching us going as fast as we could!

What race was your favourite?


Practising Running

This morning we have been practising our running to get ready for our Sports Day! We had to remember to wait until Miss said “GO!” and we had to make sure that we stayed in our own lane when we ran!

Did you win a race?

Ramping up our Resilience!

Today we have been doing lots of activities to help us to Ramp up our resilience. Using the bikes outside, we have been concentrating on our spacial awareness. We have been building models by working together to make sure that they go together without falling over and we have been fitting puzzles together with our peers and being very persistent to get it right!

What have you been concentrating on today?

Climbing Frame

This afternoon, we all had fun exploring the climbing frame outside. We worked together to help our friends to reach the top, just like Jack had to do to reach the top of the Beanstalk!

Were you able to reach the top?

Baking Bread

Today we all made bread.

We followed the instructions carefully and shared all the tasks so everyone had a go at weighing out the ingredients. Then we kneaded the dough so it would prove and double in size. Once it was baked we all tried it and everyone said “it was the best bread ever”.

Weston Park Visit

After lunch, during our visit, we pretended to be poor and made own cup and ball toys.

Can you practice catching your ball?

Sponsored Skip

We tried very hard this afternoon to do as many skips as we could as part of our sponsored skip to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Over the last few weeks they have all practiced very hard to develop their skipping skills and it really showed today. Well done everyone. How much have you raised for our sponsored skip?