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We used our instructions to repot our pea seedlings. First we found our ‘you will need list’ and then our instructions and put them into order before using them to carefully replant our seedlings to make them grow bigger for … Continue reading


Farming Friday.

Our seedlings have all been growing well, so today we have been planting them all out into bigger pots so they can continue to grow. Do you know what a seedling is?

Growing Micro Greens.

As part of our learning about healthy lunches we are planting micro- greens. When they have grown we can add them to the salads made by the chefs for our school dinners. How many micro greens can you name?



Today some of the children from class one helped to replanting some of the plants. They put them in new pots so they could grow even bigger! The children then filled up the pots and made sure to water them … Continue reading