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Planting Bulbs For Gifts…

We enjoy trying to make people happy. As Christmas is coming, we are planting bulbs to give to our parents as a gift for Christmas.

We feel it is important to give gifts as this makes others feel good as well as making us happy.

What have you planned to give this Christmas?

Planting Acorns We Collected At The Farm Yesterday…

Today, as part of Farming Friday, we have been busy planting acorns from Morrells Wood Farm ready to go into the greenhouse. When they have started to grow Farmer Derek has asked if we can take them back to the farm and plant them there. We can start a ‘Wombridge Woodland’.

How tall do you think the acorns will grow ?


Farming Friday.

We have been planting peas, peppers, chillis, basil and coriander, ready for the plant sale, to go with all our other plants that are growing already in the green house. Which ones would you like to buy?

Planting Bulbs.

Every Friday is Farming Friday in Class 1. We think about planting, growing and cooking and how this can help us develop our brain health. Today we planted bulbs ready to give our parents at Christmas. We looked at the shape of the bulb, talked about which way it should be planted and what it needed for healthy growth. Have you planted any bulbs this autumn?


Planting Potatoes.

Today was Farming Friday and we planted potatoes for our outdoor area. We will harvest the potatoes near Christmas. Have you planted any winter vegetables yet?


Planting Beans.

We have planted bean seeds and will observe them grow. We put them in water and placed them in the warm sunlight. So we could observe the bean seeds growing, we placed them in a plastic beaker with a paper towel to support them staying near the edge of the beaker to make our observations easier. How do you think the seeds will change?

Farming Friday

Today we did planting, we planted a seedling. We made sure we had out aprons on. We now know what a seedling is and understand how it grows. We learnt that a seedling needs water and sunshine to grow.


Today we planted broad beans and leeks. We made a hole in the soil and placed our seedlings in carefully before watering them. 

What else can you grow at this time of year?

Preparing Pots For Planting.

Today we went to the greenhouse and filled pots with soil ready to plant leek seeds.

Re-potting our plants

The roots for our plant in the plant pots are starting to too big and running out of room to grow. Today, we have been re-potting our plants so that each set of roots had their very own pot. We had to take out each big plant and then add more soil to the new pots.

What do you think each plant is?