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Farming Friday

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Today we went to Morrells Wood Farm. We went on a walk through the fields where we saw some cows. Farmer Derek talked about the cows and explained why they had yellow tags in their ear. We then went for … Continue reading

Dinosaur Roar

Today we had two special visitors from year 5. We went into the library and listened to the story ‘Dinosaur Roar,’ by Paul & Henrietta Strickland, read by our friends form year 5. We really enjoyed it.

What’s your favourite story?

Sponsored Fun Run

Today class 1 participated in a sponsored fun run to raise money for Operation Christmas Child. We all did very well. How much have you raised for Operation Christmas child through our sponsored run?

Imaginative Play.

It has been great to meet our new friends again today. We are learning to use our imagination and invent our own stories as we play. We are also enjoying using different equipment to help develop our stories and ideas. What team work activity have you done today?


Helping Each Other.

We know it is important that we become independent learners. Today we practised helping each other rather than asking an adult. How have you helped someone today?


Learning To Use Hoops.

We had great fun today learning to use the hoops. We had to ‘wiggle’ our hips side to side and try to keep the hoop rotating. Can you hola hoop?


Thinking Carefully…

Today we used the peg boards to create pictures. We had to really concentrate when picking the small pegs up and placing them in holes in the peg board. Then we counted pegs and talked about different colour pegs we had used.


Today class one have started looking at patterns and what you ha e to do to make them. All of class one said that you have to follow the pattern by repeating the same thing over and over again.

Do you know how to make a pattern?


Today in the afternoon we looked at capacity and when we went into groups we looked at different amounts of capacity that the pot could hold, we filled one pot full, one pot half full and another we left empty. We all made sure we had the right amount before putting them in the correct space.

Do you know what capacity means?


Water Play

Today in class one the children have been doing water play expressing their imaginative play skill and making things from the resources they had, one child made a water cake using a tub and foam letters. What could you make?