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Reading Favourite Stories.

Today, we shared a story one of our friends brought from home. It was about Winnie The Pooh on a windy day. We really enjoyed this story.

Which Winnie The Pooh books have you read?

Reading Our Favourite Books…

All of us enjoy bringing in our favourite story books to read at story time. We enjoy listening to stories and joining in with them, learning new words and talking about stories. Today, we really enjoyed a Christmas story!!!! We didn’t mind that it is not the festive season because the story was so good, especially the rhyming words. Which is your favourite story book?

Learning To Segment And Blend To Read.

We really enjoy reading and stories in class 1. As we are learning our phonemes we are growing more confident reading short sentences. Today, we worked in pairs outdoors. We ran to find a question written on paper then, after reading it, sorted the questions into sets of questions where the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

How do you read unfamiliar words?

Enjoying Learning To Read…

We are really proud of our learning, especially our reading. Today, we learned about the phoneme ‘ch’. Then we went outdoors to segment and blend to read lots of ‘ch’ words. We used natural materials to show sound buttons in each word.

How many words can you think of which have the phoneme ‘ch’ in them?

Sharing Stories.

Zak, Charlotte, and Bay, decided to find a comfy spot and sit quietly together to read some stories.

They turned the pages, and looked after the books carefully while enjoying the stories.

Do you have a favourite story?


Class 1 love reading and often sit enjoying books during learning time. Which is your favourite book?

Book Fair.

Year 6 leaders told us about the book fair which is beginning tomorrow. We are able to go to the hall with an adult and look at all the books which will be displayed. After we have looked we can buy a book of our choice. We are all very excited as we enjoy reading. What book are you hoping to buy?

Story Time.

Milena brought in a story written in Polish.

 She read it to us in English and we asked her questions about the story.

What’s your favourite story?

Library Visit.

We went to the library today and read, ‘Paddington At The Palace’.

We are learning more about our class author, Michael Bond, and his books about the adventures of Paddington Bear.

What can you find out about Michael Bond?


Enjoying Books.

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We really enjoy story time. This week we have brought our favourite books from home to read with the class. What is your favourite story which you read at home?