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Remembrance Day Service.

Today, the whole school met together to remember all the soldiers who have died in wars so we can have our freedom. Each class had made a poppy wreath where every child had written a message to the fallen soldiers in their poppy. Class leaders laid the class wreath at the front of the hall on a special table.

What facts do you know about Remembrance Day in England?


Remembrance Day Preparations.

Our school will be meeting on Monday to remember soldiers who have died in wars over past years. As part of our preparations for this Remembrance Day service we are cutting out poppies and then writing a message to fallen … Continue reading

Remembrance Day.

We are thinking about Remembrance Day. We have talked about how special poppies are on Remembrance Day. Year 6 leaders came to our classroom to talk about poppies, how we can buy poppies and how we should wear poppies with pride. Are you wearing your poppy this week?