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The Enormous Turnip.

Today we retold the story of The Enormous Turnip.  We worked in our group and pretended to be the characters from the story and acted it out together.

We helped each other to pull out the turnip and remembered what happened next.

Who are the characters in, The Enormous Turnip story?

Green Screen Videoing.

Today we used the green screen app on the iPads, to make videos of us retelling the story of Funny Bones, and added pictures we had made to the background.



Funny Bones.

Today we retold the story of Funny Bones, we remembered to use words from the story and to make sure we retold it in order.  

Can you retell the story? 

Funny Bones.

Today we were retelling the story of funny bones. Then we painted pictures  of our favourite part of the story.

What’s your favourite part?


Temporal Connectives.

We searched for the pictures from the story and then used temporal connectives to start each sentence as we wrote the story.​

What temporal connectives can you use?