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Telling stories….

Today we have been retelling the story of the Awomgalema Tree. We have used our amazing story maps to help us tell the story. It has been a challenge to remember all the animals in the story but with lots of practice we can tell the story really well. Can you retell a story you enjoy?


Retelling The Story Of Goldilocks And The Three Bears.

We used the Mighty Writer Board to put the pictures in order and help us to tell the story, before writing our sentences of the story, remembering to use adjectives.


Retelling the Story.

We pretended to be the characters from Jack and the Beanstalk Story. We acted out the story, remembering to get it all in order.


Retelling The Story Of Dogger.

As part of our literacy learning, we have been retelling the story of Dogger. To help us to do this we created our own Doggers out of clay. We looked at his features very carefully, remembering that his one ear … Continue reading