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Rhyming Words.

We made rhyming strings today by rhyming words with ‘straw’. We worked together to rhyme lots of words then recorded our rhyming string and made rhyming sentences with our words.


Rhyming Words.

In Literacy today we have we rhyming. We changed the beginning phoneme to create new rhyming words and recorded our rhymes on the iPads.

Rhyming Words.

Today we are learning about Rhyming Words.

We have learnt to only change the first letter so that the words will rhyme.

We can now rhyme two words together and make a rhyming string.

Can you make a rhyming string, using the objects in the pictures?

Rhyming couplets

Today in class 1 children have been looking at rhyming couplets. The pupils had to look at a word and think of a word that rhymes with it. Some children went out in groups to look at rhyming cards to support them. How many words can you think of which rhyme with ‘hat’?

Rhyming words

Today we have been adding different graphemes to the beginning of the word’in’ to change it into different rhyming words.

We all did especially well at writing our words very clearly and neatly. Well Done!

What rhyming words can you think of using the word ‘in’?