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What’s Happening?

We have a marquee going up in our log area. This will be ready for our friends who are joining us on Monday. Mr Satoor has organised another marquee because so many people are coming back to school. The marquees help to keep us safe and happy when outdoors. Our main playground is full of large marquees already and now we need another! Class 1, like year 1 and 6, are so lucky to have been in school for 3 weeks. On Monday our school will be fully open to everyone who wants to come. It will be great to meet our friends in other classes. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

Learning New Games.

We are learning lots of new games which we can play whilst socially distancing. it is very hard to socially distance but we are learning all the time. Today, we learned to skip with an ankle hoop. It was very tricky and we had to concentrate. It certainly made our hearts pump as we exercised. Can you use an ankle hoop to skip?


Learning New Signs Which Help To Keep Us Safe And Happy.

As we settled into school today, we looked and talked about signs which are around our learning area. They help to keep us safe and happy. What signs have you seen in school this, week.

Trying To Stay Safe And Exercise.

Today, we practised some socially distancing games which will help us try to keep safe and happy at school. What games can you suggest which we can play whilst keeping 2m from our friends?


Safe And Happy Using The Internet

We are enjoying using the internet to go on the school blog and Mathletics. This week we have been talking about how to stay safe and happy when we use the internet. This is very important. We watched a video, … Continue reading


Climbing Frame.

Today we have challenged ourselves on the climbing frame, remembering to keep safe and to bend our knees when we land. What would you do to challenge yourself?


Kind Hands Green Screen Videoing.

Today we have been making green screen videos about kind hands, using all the information we came up with from last weeks discussions. How do you use kind hands?

Washing Our Hands.

Today, as part of our cooking award, we have been learning how to wash our hands carefully. Can you tell a friend the song we learned to sing when we wash our hands?

Road Safety.

Today Corrina came into school to help us learn about road safety. We talked about how to cross the road safely and how to stay safe when walking by the road. Class 1 practised crossing a pretend road to make sure we really understood how to keep safe and happy. How many road safety tips can you give us to help us stay safe by the road?

Safe and Happy.

Today we made Safe and Happy posters.

We talked about what makes us Safe and Happy and drew it on our posters. Look out for them around school.

How do you keep Saf and Happy?