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3D Shape

This week, we are continuing to learn about 3D shapes. We are practising using 3D shape words and apply them as we build 3 D shapes using different construction equipment. How many 3D shape words can you name?


The ENORMOUS Turnip.

Today we have been busy making an enormous turnip for our class display. We had lots of fun sticking, collating and painting using autumn colour. First we drew a turnip then we began to colour it using different art medium. … Continue reading

3D Shapes.

Today we have been learning about 3D shapes.

We used different materials to make 3D shapes and remembered to use 3D shape names when we were talking about them.

We used iPads to record all the words we were using to describe our shapes.

3D Shapes.

Today we explored how to make a model of our favourite toys using the 3D shapes.

We then used iPads to record us speaking about what shapes we were using, remembering to use all of the new 3D shape words that we have learnt.

What 3D shape words have you learnt?

3D Shapes.

Today we learnt all about 3D shapes.

We used different materials to make models of toys and talked about the shapes that we used, making sure we used 3D words.

Plant, Grow, Cook, Eat….

 Today we looked at the different vegetables we are growing and created pictures of them using collage materials and paint. We talked about the shapes of the vegetables and how to use the materials to create the right shapes and textures. We then tried hard to find the right colours to use, before drawing the vegetables to start.

Creating Ourselves

Today we used a variety of shapes to create a picture of ourselves. We used different shapes like circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and even a hexagon. We tried to match each shape to part of our body.




We are learning to play with new equipment at school. This is clixi. It helps us to learn about shapes, colours and counting. We used it to build models as well. It is very tricky to fit together and makes our fingers work hard. What can you make using clixi?