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For our maths learning today we have been halving. We have been halving numbers by sharing them into two sets, checking that each set is equal.



Today we continued our sharing learning. We challenged ourselves to share into bigger sets, this time. We shared into 2, 5 and 10 sets.



We have been learning to share today in maths. We shared objects into two sets, making sure they had the same in each set.



Well done everyone for making your super stories. We’ve all really enjoyed reading them today.

Keeping Healthy.

To encourage everyone to try some of the tasty new foods on the menu, Class 7 have been making coleslaw and brought it for us to try out.

They added a different ingredient to their coleslaw, do you know what it was?

Sharing Stories.

Zak, Charlotte, and Bay, decided to find a comfy spot and sit quietly together to read some stories.

They turned the pages, and looked after the books carefully while enjoying the stories.

Do you have a favourite story?

Sharing Mud Pies

Today, we have been working together in the mud kitchen to make mud pies. We shared them between two groups and halved them. After halving them, we counted how many mud pies were in each set to check that we had shared them equally.

How many mud pies did you make?



Sharing Toys.

As part of our topic about toys we are learning to play with different toys and tell a story as we play. It is great learning to work with a friend and sharing ideas. What is your favourite toy to play with?