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Today, we have been learning about sorting.We sorted socks into pairs, sorted puzzle pieces and then matched them and sorting beads into colours. We had a great time and tried very hard to use ‘sorting’ words. What have you sorted … Continue reading

Leaf Prints

Today we collected autumn leaves then sorted them according to our own criteria. We looked at the shape, colour and texture of the leaves before we sorted them. We then used our special leaves to make leaf prints.

How would you sort a set of autumn leaves?


Today in phonics we segmented words. We searched and sorted words into groups of silly and real.

What is a digraph?

Sorting leaves

In the log area we collected leaves. We looked at the shape of the leaves, we then sorted the leaves into two groups; smooth leaves and spiky leaves.

How many spiky leaves did you find?

Learning To Sort.

This week we are learning to sort and match. As we are learning about ‘ourselves’ we have sorted and matched our socks. Some of us have sorted according to our own criteria whilst others have sorted according to given criteria. We learned lots of new words such as ‘sort’, ‘set’, ‘pair’, ‘more than’ and ‘less than’. We compared sets and talked about how each of our sets were the same or different. Have a look in your sock drawer: How can you sort your socks?

Sorting ‘oa’ Words.

As part of our phonics learning we read then sorted words with the digraph ‘oa’ into sets of real words or nonsense words. How many words can you list which have the ‘oa’ digraph?



Today we learnt all about sorting. We looked at the colour and shape of the objects and sorted them into sets that matched.

Money sorting

We have been learning lots about sorting different objects. We decided to use the money tray and sort the money into groups of the same number. We had to work together as there was lots of coins to sort through!

How many different coins can you think of?


Today we have been learning how to sort out different objects into groups. We used compare bears and seeds, that we had to move with tweezers! We were even able to use the seeds to scribe our name!

What other objects could we sort into groups?