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Farming Friday

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Today we went to Morrells Wood Farm. We went on a walk through the fields where we saw some cows. Farmer Derek talked about the cows and explained why they had yellow tags in their ear. We then went for … Continue reading


Today class 1 started to retell the story about Funnybones. They worked with peers and recorded their story using the Clips app.

What happened in the Funnybones story?

Counting Bones.

Today class 1 had to search for hidden bones around the outdoor area. They then put them all together in a line and counted how many they had collected by pointing to each one.

How many bones did you count?


Learning To use Mobilo.

This week we are learning to use equipment in our new class. Today we used mobilo, fixing pieces together and making our own models. Then we explored using work cards where we matched pieces and made a model. It was great fun and we were very proud of our models. Can you think of other equipment we could learn to use to make models?

Imaginative Play.

It has been great to meet our new friends again today. We are learning to use our imagination and invent our own stories as we play. We are also enjoying using different equipment to help develop our stories and ideas. What team work activity have you done today?


Helping Each Other.

We know it is important that we become independent learners. Today we practised helping each other rather than asking an adult. How have you helped someone today?

The Hot Seat.

We asked Jack from ‘Jack in the beanstalk’ questions about the story and used the iPads to write down our questions.

What should you always remember to write at the end of a question? 

Nativity Dress Rehearsal.

Today we performed our dress rehearsal to key stage 2. We were very shy but enjoyed practising in front of them. We have spent a lot of time learning our speaking parts and remembering when to stand up or move around our stage area. Tomorrow we will perform our nativity in front of our mums and dads. How do you feel when you have been on stage on front of an audience?

Practising Our Nativity.

We are now practising our nativity. Class 1 have worked very hard over the past two weeks learning Christmas songs to sing during our nativity performance. We are now rehearsing lines we have been learning. How many characters from the traditional nativity story can you name?

Building Models To Retell Ideas.


We have been building models to retell events from our farm visit. We have used our own models, and those built by our friends, to retell all the exciting things we did at the farm. What model would you build to retell your farm visit?