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Reading Our Favourite Books…

All of us enjoy bringing in our favourite story books to read at story time. We enjoy listening to stories and joining in with them, learning new words and talking about stories. Today, we really enjoyed a Christmas story!!!! We didn’t mind that it is not the festive season because the story was so good, especially the rhyming words. Which is your favourite story book?

We Enjoy Reading…

Today we were given a book to take home and read. It is about a bear who lives in a cave. Class 1 listened to the story at home time then we each had a copy to take home. Which books do you enjoy reading at home?

Library Time.

We love going to the library and enjoy listening to stories. Today we listened to a story about a forest. It helped us learn about animals from around the world and trees. The story was called ‘Fantastic Forest’ by Tony Milton. Can you name some animals which live in other parts of the world?