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Skittles using maths.

Today the children how been learning to take away using skittles . Counting carefully how many skittles are left when they have bowled and then record the score. What object would you use to take away a number?


Team work in PE.

Today we have been learning to work as a team to collect beanbags and hoops from across the water.Class 1 had to travel in a variety of ways working on our balance skills. Can you think of different ways we … Continue reading


Kind Hands.

This week we have been discussing what we can do with kind hands. Some of our friends today showed that we can use kind hands to help each other tidy up at the end of the day, as working together … Continue reading


Today the whole of class one went out and did some athletics, the children are all getting better and better each week at their racing and teamwork. The children are getting really excited to do sports day in a few weeks.

How does teamwork help you out?



Today the whole school went outside to practice their athletics for their up coming sports day. The children went and had a go at different activities using different equipment such as bean bags, hula hoops and their legs. What race … Continue reading


Today in class 1 the children went out for some physical education. The children went and did more practice on their running skills and had different races to prepare them for the sports day which isn’t too far away. Which is your favourite sports day race?

Teddy Collage.

As part of our work learning to make a rhyme about a teddy we made a big ‘teddy collage’. We had to work together and choose different materials to put on our teddy. We chose to have a brown bear then hunted for brown materials to use on our bear. What materials would you choose for your teddy collage?

Sports Coaches.

Today we had P.E. With our sports coaches Steve and Jack. It was great fun. We did lots of exercises and practised balancing skills. We also had to learn to work in small teams. What sports do you do with the sports coaches?