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Throwing and catching .

Today, during PE we have have been practicing catching and throwing using a bean bag. We learned to use big eyes, big hands and to pull the beanbag to our tummy as we catch it. First we worked alone and then we practised a game where we threw the beanbag to a friend to catch.

How high can you throw a beanbag and then catch it?


Sporting Events.

We have taken part in the whole school throwing competition and the high jump to finish off our summer sporting events.


Throwing And Catching

We have been practising our throwing and catching in P.E and are really good at it now. We have challenged ourselves and adding a bounce before we catch it.


Throwing and Catching.

We are getting good at our chest passes and catching, after practicing.


P. E.

We have been practicing our throwing and catching skills today, in P. E. We learnt how to catch carefully, bringing the ball into our chests to stop it from dropping and to pass the ball carefully using a chest pass, … Continue reading


Today in PE we practiced our chest passes and worked hard to make them better.

Can you make your chest passes better?

Chest Throwing

This afternoon, we learnt how to throw using a chest pass.  We threw them to our partner, who had to concentrate very hard to catch it. We learned to use long arms and to aim at our partner.

Which sports can we use a chest pass?