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Pushing and Pulling.

We’ve been experimenting with making toys move in different ways, checking whether they need to be pushed or pulled.


Climbing Frame.

Practicing our exercise and challenge pillars we went onto the climbing frame for the first time. As we moved around the climbing frame we thought about our science lessons and how we had to push and pull ourselves up and … Continue reading


Push And Pull!

As part of our learning about toys we have been talking about how toys move. We have been investigating whether we need to push or pull a toy in order to make it move. Which toys can you push and … Continue reading

Segmenting and Blending.

Today we painted pictures of Kippers and his toy box.

We then wrote a sentence about our picture by carefully segmenting and blending the words we wanted to use and wrote the graphemes that we needed, using alphabet strips to help us.


Today we have been writing labels.

We used the MacBooks to write a label for the toy we chose. We used alphabet strips to help us and segmented and blended the word carefully.

We then printed out our labels to put in our toy shop.


Our new learning is all about pictograms.

We did a survey on what was our favourite toy and then recorded the results onto our pictograms to show which was the favourite toy and which was the least favourite.

What was your favourite toy?

3D Shapes.

Today we explored how to make a model of our favourite toys using the 3D shapes.

We then used iPads to record us speaking about what shapes we were using, remembering to use all of the new 3D shape words that we have learnt.

What 3D shape words have you learnt?

3D Shapes.

Today we learnt all about 3D shapes.

We used different materials to make models of toys and talked about the shapes that we used, making sure we used 3D words.


Look at all our wonderful projects of toys.

Weston Park Visit

The children visited the nursery to see how they were looked after and to see the really old toys.

Can you remember what was under the cot?