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Farming Friday

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Today we went to Morrells Wood Farm. We went on a walk through the fields where we saw some cows. Farmer Derek talked about the cows and explained why they had yellow tags in their ear. We then went for … Continue reading

Baking Funnybones Biscuits

Today class 1 made Funnybones biscuits. They followed the recipe and decorated them with icing sugar.

Which biscuits have you made?


Today class ones little friends the caterpillars became butterflies, at the end of the day class one let the butterflies out into the wild so they could make more caterpillars for next time.

Have you seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?


Food Testing

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Today in class 1 the children went to see Will a visitor who came to share some foods for the children, Will brought some salami and background on foods which the children have been learning about such as “food travel”. … Continue reading

Learning with Water

Today, we have been continuing our learning using water. We have been using different tools to help us to put water into containers. We have been saying if our containers were full, half full, empty and even talking about the water overflowing. 

Can you remember what some of the tools were that you used? Funnels, scoops or pipettes?

Harvesting our Onions

Today, we have been harvesting our onions.

We planted small bulb like seeds into the soil a long time ago! We have looked after them very well, giving them plenty of water and sunshine. We all took it in turns to carefully pull the onions out of the soil. Look how many we have!

What could we make using our onions?

Making Flapjacks

Yesterday, we made our very own flapjacks! Firstly, we had to measure out each of our ingredients. We then had to mix together the oats, syrup, brown sugar and butter. Once it was all mixed up, we had to work together to push the mixture into the baking tray to cook.

Today we tasted our flapjack, it was very yummy!

Did you enjoy your flapjack?

Re-potting our plants

The roots for our plant in the plant pots are starting to too big and running out of room to grow. Today, we have been re-potting our plants so that each set of roots had their very own pot. We had to take out each big plant and then add more soil to the new pots.

What do you think each plant is?


Releasing the Butterflies

Now that the sunshine has finally come back out, we decided it was time to release the butterflies!

Did you enjoy watching them fly away?