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Keeping Healthy.

To encourage everyone to try some of the tasty new foods on the menu, Class 7 have been making coleslaw and brought it for us to try out.

They added a different ingredient to their coleslaw, do you know what it was?

Farming Friday.

Today we made ‘Hidden Vegetable Pizza’.

We chopped up lots of our favourite vegetables and put them into the sauce and liquidised it so no body knows they’re in there.

Which vegetables would you put into your sauce?

Fruit and Vegetables.

Today we explored lots of different fruits and vegetables.

We cut them open to see if it had seeds or if it had roots, to tell us if it was a fruit or a vegetable.

Then we tasted them to see what we liked best.

Why do we need fruits and vegetables in our diet?

Plant, Grow, Cook, Eat….

 Today we looked at the different vegetables we are growing and created pictures of them using collage materials and paint. We talked about the shapes of the vegetables and how to use the materials to create the right shapes and textures. We then tried hard to find the right colours to use, before drawing the vegetables to start.