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Learning New Games.

We are learning lots of new games which we can play whilst socially distancing. it is very hard to socially distance but we are learning all the time. Today, we learned to skip with an ankle hoop. It was very tricky and we had to concentrate. It certainly made our hearts pump as we exercised. Can you use an ankle hoop to skip?

Raising Money For Charity…

We have really enjoyed learning new songs to perform on stage in our whole school play ‘Little Red Robin Hood’. This was also a very important play as the school council had asked Mr Satoor if we could do a whole school play in order to raise money for the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has a base in Oakengates as there are lots of needy people in our town. Our school leaders are helping us to learn that it is important to help others less fortunate than ourselves. By doing our play we have helped to raise £544. On Thursday our ‘wear a Christmas jumper day’ will also provide another opportunity to raise money for the Salvation Army’.

How much money do you think we will finally raise for this amazing charity that helps so many needy people in Oakengates?


Dress rehearsal ….

Today the children have had a dress rehearsal in preparation for Tuesday performance….. What characters can you see?

Sorting ‘oa’ Words.

As part of our phonics learning we read then sorted words with the digraph ‘oa’ into sets of real words or nonsense words. How many words can you list which have the ‘oa’ digraph?


Celebrating Achievements Outside School.

We were very proud of our friend who achieved her first swimming awards this week. She managed to swim without her arm bands! How far can you swim?

Retelling The Christmas Story.

Class 1 are learning to retell the traditional nativity story as part of our learning. Some of us used mobile to make models. We then used these models to retell the story. Here we are beginning to make a donkey from mobile. What equipment would you choose to make a donkey for Mary to ride to Bethlehem on?