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Visit To Weston Park.

To day we went to Weston Park to learn about toys from the past. We had a very enjoyable day. Our first activity was to dress up as lords, ladies and very privileged children who may have lived at Weston … Continue reading


Class 1 love reading and often sit enjoying books during learning time. Which is your favourite book?

Leaf Prints

Today we collected autumn leaves then sorted them according to our own criteria. We looked at the shape, colour and texture of the leaves before we sorted them. We then used our special leaves to make leaf prints.

How would you sort a set of autumn leaves?

Talking About ‘Me’.

Today we used our iPads to video ourselves describing our face. We have been learning to use new vocabulary and have learned words like ‘eye brow’, ‘eye lash’ and ‘cheek’. We will use our new learning next week when we write a poem about ‘Me’!

Diwali Celebrations.

We have been learning about Diwali which is celebrated this week. Today, during Challenge Time, some of us chose to use squishy beads to make Diwali candles! We really enjoy using these beads which can be squeezed into all sorts of shapes. We made lots of Diwali candles!

Talking about farm visit

Today we recalled our visit to the farm. We used the iPads to draw our image and then wrote a sentence about what we had seen independently.

What did you see at the farm?


Today class 1 started to retell the story about Funnybones. They worked with peers and recorded their story using the Clips app.

What happened in the Funnybones story?

Counting Bones.

Today class 1 had to search for hidden bones around the outdoor area. They then put them all together in a line and counted how many they had collected by pointing to each one.

How many bones did you count?

Learning To Use Jigsaws.

As we are settling into our new environment we are continuing to learn how to use different equipment. This week we have learned how to do jigsaws with our friends help. This has been fun and challenging. We learned to look for straight edges and put these on the edge of our puzzle, we looked at using sorting skills to sort pieces of a particular shape and finally we used our matching skills to match the pictures. How many jigsaw puzzles have you done this week?

Learning To Sort.

This week we are learning to sort and match. As we are learning about ‘ourselves’ we have sorted and matched our socks. Some of us have sorted according to our own criteria whilst others have sorted according to given criteria. We learned lots of new words such as ‘sort’, ‘set’, ‘pair’, ‘more than’ and ‘less than’. We compared sets and talked about how each of our sets were the same or different. Have a look in your sock drawer: How can you sort your socks?