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Rhyming Words.

We made rhyming strings today by rhyming words with ‘straw’. We worked together to rhyme lots of words then recorded our rhyming string and made rhyming sentences with our words.


Rhyming Words.

In Literacy today we have we rhyming. We changed the beginning phoneme to create new rhyming words and recorded our rhymes on the iPads.


Finger Sentences.

In our literacy learning we remembered what we did at the farm yesterday. We said our sentences carefully and put them on our fingers before writing them down. We made sure to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters … Continue reading



As part of our literacy learning today, we have been making sentences about our up coming farm visit. We have been using different ‘farm’ words, saying our sentence and making lots of sentences. What would you like to see at … Continue reading

Rhyming Words.

Today we are learning about Rhyming Words.

We have learnt to only change the first letter so that the words will rhyme.

We can now rhyme two words together and make a rhyming string.

Can you make a rhyming string, using the objects in the pictures?

Segmenting and Blending.

Today we painted pictures of Kippers and his toy box.

We then wrote a sentence about our picture by carefully segmenting and blending the words we wanted to use and wrote the graphemes that we needed, using alphabet strips to help us.

3D Shapes.

Today we have been learning about 3D shapes.

We used different materials to make 3D shapes and remembered to use 3D shape names when we were talking about them.

We used iPads to record all the words we were using to describe our shapes.

3D Shapes.

Today we explored how to make a model of our favourite toys using the 3D shapes.

We then used iPads to record us speaking about what shapes we were using, remembering to use all of the new 3D shape words that we have learnt.

What 3D shape words have you learnt?

3D Shapes.

Today we learnt all about 3D shapes.

We used different materials to make models of toys and talked about the shapes that we used, making sure we used 3D words.

Telling The Christmas Story.

Today we used pictures to help us to order and talk about the Story of Christmas.

When we talked we made sure it was in the right order, so the story made sense and that we were using lots of the Christmas Story words.

We all spoke in very clear voices and tried to grip the reader.