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This week we are learning about addition. Our learning has not only focused upon adding but also using addition words. We played a game outdoors to help us with our addition. What is the sign we can use to show we are adding?


Today we were learning to take away.

Theo and Daisy got together to independently use there new learning.

They made a tower of bricks and counted them carefully before taking 1 away, they then counted again to know how many were left, before starting again.

Well done.

The Enormous Turnip.

Today we retold the story of The Enormous Turnip.  We worked in our group and pretended to be the characters from the story and acted it out together.

We helped each other to pull out the turnip and remembered what happened next.

Who are the characters in, The Enormous Turnip story?

Ordering Numbers.

Today we ordered numbers. We looked at what number we were, and made sure we were all in the right order.  We counted carefully and worked as a team.

Preparing Pots For Planting.

Today we went to the greenhouse and filled pots with soil ready to plant leek seeds.


Today we have all been working very hard helping to tidy up our outdoor area. We have been very independent and using the broom and the dustpan and brush to sweep up around the playground and along the ramp, we really enjoyed it! We have also been helping to move the leaves that have started to grow across into our ramp. We even came across something in our garden that smelt lovely, Lavender!

What else could you smell or see in the garden?

Money sorting

We have been learning lots about sorting different objects. We decided to use the money tray and sort the money into groups of the same number. We had to work together as there was lots of coins to sort through!

How many different coins can you think of?

Our Year 6 Helpers

For the past couple of days, we have had a few of our Year 6 children in our class with us. They have been helping us to complete our activities and joining in with our learning! We really enjoyed their help, Thank you!

What activity did you do with a Year 6?

Ramping up our Resilience!

Today we have been doing lots of activities to help us to Ramp up our resilience. Using the bikes outside, we have been concentrating on our spacial awareness. We have been building models by working together to make sure that they go together without falling over and we have been fitting puzzles together with our peers and being very persistent to get it right!

What have you been concentrating on today?

Full or half-full Cupcakes?

Today, we have continued with our learning of capacity. We mixed together the ingredients to make cupcakes. When we added the mixture to the cases, we spoke about wether they were full, half full or empty.

Were your cases full, half full or empty?