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Creating stories….

Today during independent learning we have been making stories about flowers, ourselves and cars. We have been inspired to make these stories by our story this week about the Awongalema Tree. What topic would you choose to make a story … Continue reading


Writing Outdoors.

We all enjoy outdoor learning. We enjoy choosing different equipment to write with in all of our outdoor learning areas. Today, we enjoyed practising writing letters correctly outdoors. Why is it important to write letters properly?


Talking And Writing About Our Visit To The Farm.

This week we have been looking at photographs of our visit to the farm. We have talked about all the exciting things we did at the farm. Our Mighty Writer clouds helped us to sequence our ideas. After we had … Continue reading



Well done everyone for making your super stories. We’ve all really enjoyed reading them today.


Today we explored the different actions we can do with our bodies while moving around the outdoor area.

Then we wrote down a sentence of what we were doing, making sure we segmented and blended carefully as we wrote.


Today we used words, picture prompts and action words to make sentences ‘All About Me’.

We said our sentence and then wrote it down.

Next we used the iPads to video our friends doing the actions and saying their sentences. What app would you use to add photographs, text and audio?

Learning About the Grapheme ‘e’

Today we learned to write the grapheme ‘e’. We had to think carefully where to start the grapheme as we wrote it. Then we said the phoneme.

How many words can you think of which begin with ‘e’?

Kind Words

Today in the afternoon class one made their own little personal posters where they drew a colourful picture of them and their friends. The children then annotated the drawing saying kind words about them.

What kind things could you say about your friends?

All About Me

Today we found our name cards on the wall, We were able to recognise the phonenes in our name. We then traced over our name cards, starting at the right starting points. So now we know we have two names our first and surname.

Using Interesting Words.

Today we used our bodies to move and used interesting words to describe what we were doing. We then made a list of all our interesting words on the easel.